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Hillmans Camoflage

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Photocamouflage® is the first of its kind existing in the world. In contrast to all camouflage patterns before, it is created not by painting the nature, but simply by taking pictures of it – and one can always see the difference, no matter how good the painting is.

Photocamouflage® consists of real photo projection laid over a neutral background aimed to create natural depth and perception of reality.

In order to accomplish a three-dimensional effect, for the first time Photocamouflage® used a technology with four levels of depth, as each level comprises of different type of greenery and gets obscure at 5, 10, 15 and 20 meters in depth.

Thanks to this unique, four-level technology for obtaining 3D effect in combination with 100% real images, Photocamouflage® succeeded to create this masterpiece and changed entirely the course of camouflage history.


3D Xtreme [3DX]

Photocamouflage® 3DX photo camouflage is the ultimate disguise for hunters in a wide variety of temperate zone environments. Designed with greatest attention to detail, Photocamouflage® 3DX incorporates oak and birch stems, limbs and leaves, pine scapes and branches with cones and needless that provide cover in various wooded settings as well as in the open country.

Thanks to the unmatched Photocamouflage® photo technology this pattern is so vivid, it seems you can touch the bark with your hand.


3D Xtreme Green [3DXG]

Based on the genuine Photocamouflage® 3DX we created this detailed version adding green leaves and more dept of filed. Photocamouflage® 3DXG has all the advantages of 3DX and it adds even more elements to the environment. It is ideal disguise for Temperate Boreal and Decidious temperature zones and Chaparral. Because of the leafy predominance it is perfect disguise for tree stand hunters.



This is our proposal for the waterfowlers. If you want to disappear in the wetlands there is nothing like Photocamouflage® WINGS 3D. Even if you hunt for species found close to fields, crops and open areas this is the perfect hideout for you. The color palette ranges from mellow brown to golden ochre that will make you vanish into marshes, overgrown riverbanks and grasslands. Created by the unparalleled Photocamouflage® photo technology its deep shadows and sharp contrasts add authentic perspective to the image even from a bird's eye view and it feels like the reeds and cat's tails sway and rustle in the wind.



Photocamouflage® TUNDRA 3D utilizes the benefits of the innovative Photocamouflage® photo technology to create the utmost cover up for winter hunting. The pattern is exceptionally illuminated and spread out, prevailingly white but not pale, fractured by hazy gray-green and brownish earthtones. The play of light and shadows is so lively, you can see the snow-clad branches gently wagging in the air.

Photocamouflage® TUNDRA 3D will cloak your maneuvers in secrecy in the hardwood or mixed forests, partially covered with snow bushes or rocks as well as in any snowy surroundings.



Based on the genuine Photocamouflage® 3DX we created this amazing pattern that gives a flamy orange shelter while still keeping concealment excellence. Photocamouflage® FIRE 3D is a mix of bright color and photo camouflage that is ideal for hunting in hardwood forests.

Taking advantage of the unique Photocamouflage® photo technology it shows the position of the hunter to humans, hiding him from the color-blind eyes of game at the same time. As distinguished from all its rivals Photocamouflage® FIRE 3D has a non-reflective background to prevent animals from spotting the reflection of UV light and so assures artful approach and best stalking positions.